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Your farm or agri-business needs Alberta-based financial advice with solutions unique to our province’s agriculture economy. We get it. We’ve operated in this province for more than 80 years and manage over $700 million for our agriculture members.

At Servus, our relationship managers will give you homegrown advice and do on-site visits to see your hard work first-hand and give you financial advice best suited to your needs.

That’s the way to do business in Alberta.

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Borrow quickly and easily…

Farming can be unpredictable.

Having access to cash when you need it shouldn’t be.

That’s why we offer custom borrowing solutions based on your unique business. We also take the local community and economy into account and can turn around fast approvals because all lending decisions are made right here in Alberta.

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We can help with…

Operating accounts

Operating and savings accounts to help you manage cash flow today and build a nest egg for tomorrow.

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Manage small income declines through a government funded, income matching program.

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Authorized overdrafts

A cash flow solution for financing receivables, inventory or unpredictable seasonal expenses.

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Evergreen loans

Prepare for the unexpected with a pre-approved loan to borrow when you need without having to reapply.

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Digital banking solutions

Access and manage your finances anytime, on your schedule, with a range of online solutions.

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Business insurance

Insurance designed for your business at a market-rate price – no matter the size.

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Wealth management and insurance

Our experts can help you build a diversified portfolio and protect your business now and into the future.

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Mastercard credit cards

A Servus Business Mastercard® helps consolidate purchases and simplify expense tracking.

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Considering AgriInvest to help manage small income declines

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