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Personal loans

Get paid to borrow

Greater than loans

Get a loan that fits your needs, and we pay you for borrowing the money from us. Believe it. We call it Profit Share® Rewards cash.

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Types of loans

Renovation loan

Make your dream space a (financial) reality.

Get it done

Vehicle loan

Buying a car? A motorcycle? An RV? Let us help you finance the vehicle you want.

Start the car

Student loans

Let us help you finance your education.

Pursue your goals

Home equity line of credit (HELOC)

Get borrowing flexibility as a homeowner for planned and unplanned expenses.

Is it for me?

Investment loan

Sometimes borrowing money to invest is a wise decision.

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Consolidation loan

Whatever your financial situation, we can help you reduce the stress of personal debt.

Stress less


Get into a new home with a mortgage that suits you (and pays you).

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Small loan

Our Fast Forward Small Loan fits your needs, while saving you money.

Get back on track


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Additional resources

Investing in home renovation

We have tips for investing in your next home renovation project.

What is debt consolidation and is it for you?

It could help you on your way to becoming debt-free.

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