At Servus Credit Union, respect for your privacy and protection of your personal information is among our fundamental principles of business. We are committed to safeguarding the personal information of our members, employees and other individuals.

As part of our commitment to you, we have prepared the information in this section to share the principles we will follow in collecting, using, disclosing and safeguarding your personal information, and to answer your questions.

To comply with new privacy laws, we have adopted the Servus Credit Union Privacy Code for the protection of personal information. We have established related policies and procedures and appointed a privacy officer. Our employees understand the importance of the policies and procedures and follow them carefully.

Servus Credit Union's Commitment to Privacy

Read about our privacy commitment to our members.

Servus website privacy

The Servus website respects your privacy and collects personally identifying information only with your permission.

About personal information

Learn more about what personal information is and how it is used.

Important privacy terms

Find definitions for common privacy terms.

National Do Not Call List

The National Do Not Call List is a nationwide registry intended to reduce the number of unsolicited telemarketing calls and faxes consumers receive.

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