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We stand with those who think outside the bank.

Whether you're a food bank, minor hockey club or volunteer fire department, we understand you have unique needs and challenges. We know you rely on customized solutions and committed partners to reach your goals. Just like you, we're driven by a purpose – to improve the financial wellness of our members.

Your community is our community, we are locally owned and operated, so everything stays right here in Alberta.

We'll help with your organization's:

Banking fees

We've designed our market-leading Community Account Plan specifically for non-profits. You'll enjoy no monthly account fees and 30 free transactions per month.

Financial resiliency

Our advisors will work closely with you to manage your surplus funds responsibly in order to achieve your goals.

You'll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that Servus has a 100% deposit guarantee on all deposits and the interest they earn.

Plus, non-profits are eligible for Profit Share® Rewards. We reward our members just for banking with us.


Servus has deep roots in the communities we serve. You'll see us at local events, volunteering in the community and raising funds for worthy causes. Our employees are encouraged to give back to the community, both during work hours and non-working hours.

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