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Voter eligibility and election rules

You must meet the following requirements to vote:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • a member of Servus Credit Union since October 31, 2020 (approximately 3 months before voting).

The results of the election will be announced at our Annual General Meeting.

Number of votes

A member may vote only once, unless a member is also a designated representative of an organization. Then the member may vote once on their personal membership and once for the organization, to a maximum of two votes.

Joint memberships

In the case of a joint membership, each person will be allowed a vote provided that they have not already voted on another personal membership. There must be at least one common share for each voting member on the joint account. Once votes have been cast for each of the common shares, no further votes will be permitted on that membership.

Business memberships

Trustees, corporations, partnerships and associations are allowed ONE vote by the designated representative.

How to vote

Ballots must be cast on the voter designated website or in person at a branch. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, while in-branch voting is permitted, we strongly encourage you to vote in this year's election at home, using our online voting option. Proxy voting (casting a vote on behalf of another member) is not permitted.


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