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Our network of advisors can serve you better 

Small business advisors are ready to help you meet your financial objectives. Contact any of the advisors below to set up an appointment today.

If you don't see your area listed, we have business banking locations all across Alberta in order to help serve you better. Call 187SERVUSCU, find the closest branch or contact us online for more information. Learn more about what we can offer your small business.

Your Small Business Advisors Serving the following locations
Kaila Skogstad Barrhead & area Servus Barrhead Small Business Advisor
Pamela Drever Red Deer & area Servus Red Deer Small Business Advisor
Michael Nguyen Downtown & South Edmonton Servus Downtown and South Edmonton Small Business Advisor
Derek Beier Southeast Edmonton & Sherwood Park Servus South Edmonton Small Business Advisor
Richard Hur South Edmonton Servus South Edmonton Associate Small Business Advisor
Monica French Southwest Edmonton & St. Albert Servus Southwest Edmonton St. Alert Small Business Advisor