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Engaged in the community

Janice Milligan
Assistant Manager, Member Services

If you want to find a resident who has touched every aspect of community life in Whitecourt, look no further than Janice Milligan. For over 40 years Janice has been giving her time to her community, starting with her first volunteer position as a candy striper.

“This is how I like to spend my downtime,” explains Janice. “I love my community and it feels good to help make it a better place for all of our residents to live and work.”

Over the years she volunteered for her kids’ activities and events, campaigned for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and helped organize the Relay for Life. She also sat as a director on the Whitecourt and District Chamber of Commerce and she regularly participates in community events.

“I’m fortunate that my company supports me in my community activities and that all of our employees are really engaged,” says Janice. “Servus is known around Whitecourt as a great place to find volunteers.”

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