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Career building

It's not your job...it's your career.

We're looking for people who want to make a career out of working with us. We're in it for the long term and we invest in our employees' futures.

We're a learning organization that encourages our employees to continually develop and grow by supporting professional development, innovation, leadership development and knowledge transfer.

Professional development

We approach learning as a shared responsibility, and our employees take an active role in identifying and pursuing appropriate learning opportunities as part of their personal development plan, and we'll provide support for them to pursue those opportunities.

We also offer access to our own learning centre which will soon become our Corporate University. Through The Learning Centre employees can participate in courses designed to give them the technical skills they require to do their job today as well as skills to help them realize their career aspirations.

Career advancement

We believe that investing in our employees leads to a better experience for our members. We want long term relationships our members and our employees. That's why we take the time to help our employees prepare for their next career opportunity within Servus.

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