Business GICs

Guaranteed investments to help your business grow.

With our 100% deposit guarantee, our guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) for businesses give you peace of mind, knowing that your initial investment is completely safe and growing.

Servus Investment Specialists will work closely with your business to develop a suitable investment plan. Servus Credit Union currently provides short term investment options with a 100% deposit guarantee on all demand, savings and term investment accounts. 

How does a GIC help my business?

    Safety and certainty. Your investment is 100% guaranteed so you can be confident that you'll receive your investment back plus the interest earned – at the rate you locked in at. That would cover the down-payment of a high-ratio mortgage on most homes.

    Grow your excess cash. With flexible terms and redemption options, you can grow your excess cash without impacting your liquidity.

    Diversify your investments. GICs are a low-risk option to diversify the investment portfolio of your businesses and balance riskier investments.

You should consider a business GIC if . . .

  • You're looking for a low-risk investment with a fixed rate of return
  • You have a solid understanding of your business's cash flow needs and want to maximize growth

Our Business GICs

1-year redeemable GIC

Investments to help you meet your short-term goals.

30-day to 5-year GICs

Customize your investments with a wide range of term lengths.

Business 90 day T-Bill

A competitive rate, short term and flexible redemption options.

Start investing online

Many of our GICs can be purchased through online banking. Ready to get started?

  • Sign in to online banking
  • Navigate to the Products area of the My Servus tab
  • Choose the Investing tab and then the GIC you'd like to add (remember you can choose a registered or non-registered option for most GICs)

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Need a hand deciding which GIC or investment type is best for you? Our business experts can help!

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