1-year redeemable GIC

Make your short-term investment count

Our 1-year redeemable GIC comes with a guaranteed fixed return. You can withdraw your cash investment at any time during the year.*

The 1-year redeemable GIC is also available under applicable registered plans. And remember, your investment, including the interest earned, is covered by our 100% deposit guarantee.

If you're already a member, you can purchase this GIC in online banking. If you're interested in learning more, inquire today.


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Length of term: 1 year
Current interest rate*: See rates
Minimum investment amount: $1,000
Redemption: Anytime with interest paid after 30 days. No partial redemptions allowed.
Eligible for Profit Share? Yes**

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

**Only personal GICs are eligible to earn Profit Share from this product. Business members receive a rebate on service fees paid.

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