By now, you've received your Profit Share Rewards cash, just for being a Servus member-owner — woohoo! You may be wondering, "What should I do with this money?" Buy that new pair of shoes I've been eyeing? Save it? Here are some ways you can get the most out of your Profit Share Rewards cash!

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Invest for your future

Investing  is a gift from you to future you! Pay yourself first with these common investment products:

GICs: Guaranteed Investment Certificates offer a safe and secure way to guarantee your investment and obtain steady growth. GICs are completely secured, so your money will grow at the rate agreed upon in the terms — there is no risk involved whatsoever!

Stocks: When you purchase stocks, you own a piece, or share, of a company's assets. Your investment is entirely dependent on the company's stock value.

Mutual Funds: With over 3,000 brand name mutual funds to choose from, you can find a mutual fund to invest in that best suits your level of comfort with risk in exchange for a potentially large return on your investment.

Bonds: With bond investments, you're lending the bond issuer your money. When your bond matures you get the principal (original) amount plus interest earned. Like GICs, bonds are guaranteed!

Save for a short-term goal

Does the snow and ice have you dreaming of warm weather, beaches and a cold drink in your hand? Your Profit Share Rewards cash can help jumpstart a short-term savings goal!

PACs: Did you know a Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) plan helps you automatically save? PACs let you set up transfers from your everyday account into a savings account on a schedule of your choice. Start by depositing your Rewards cash, then continue saving for that goal with help from a PAC and watch your savings grow before your eyes!

TFSAs: Keeping up with inflation is important so that your hard-earned savings don't depreciate in value. You want to make sure that you don't leave your savings in just any account. Consider opening a Tax-Free Savings Account and investing with that money — this means that you don't pay tax on the investment income you earn — it's 100% tax-free! Did we mention that you can also take out money at any time without penalty? Within a TFSA you can invest your money deposit in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or GICs!

Pay down your debt

Sometimes, paying down debt can feel like an insurmountable task. But when it comes to debt, every little bit you put towards paying it down counts — and your Profit Share Rewards cash can help!

Tackle your high-interest debt: Start by paying down your debt that has the highest interest rate. If you are carrying a lot of credit card debt at a high rate, consider transferring it to a low interest credit card or line of credit.

Make sure you get the most out of your Profit Share Rewards cash! Contact us and set up an appointment with a financial advisor to discuss your options.

I want more Profit Share Rewards cash!

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