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Text message phishing scam still circulating 

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Recently, some Servus members have been receiving text messages or emails that appear to be from Servus asking them to click on a link and verify their Servus account details (see the example below). These messages are not from Servus. We will never ask a member to take this sort of action or send them a link through text or email messages. If you receive such a text or email, don't click on any links included in the message.

If you receive one of these scam messages, please forward it to your mobile service provider by texting 7726 (SPAM). Reporting spam to 7726 is free, and messages sent to 7726 don't count toward your data or messaging usage package. Doing this allows your cellular provider to investigate and prevents scammers from sending more messages.

Also, be extra careful in online banking. Make sure the web address you visit is servus.ca and double-check that the security image and phrase that appear are those you set yourself. Again, Servus will never send you a text or email asking for your online banking password, security questions or other personal information.

Servus scam screenshot