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Two-step authentication

Enhance your online account security

To better protect your financial information, Servus is enhancing our approach to online and mobile banking security. The first step is to change your user ID and password to meet the new security requirements. The second step is to turn on two-step authentication.

Update your user ID and password

  1. Sign in to your Servus account through online banking using your current user ID and password.
  2. As part of this one-time registration, you'll be asked to update your user ID and password to meet new security requirements.
    1. First, provide an email address to use to verify your identity (we'll send a security code here for this one-time confirmation). This email address can be the same or different than the one you use for online banking.
    2. Once you confirm your email, enter your new user ID and password. You can keep your existing user ID and password if they meet the new security requirements.
    3. Set up a password recovery question to use if you ever forget your password.
  3. Sign in to online banking with your new user ID and password.

Two-step authentication

Once you update your user ID and password you have the option to add two-step authentication. This provides you with an extra layer of security when you use Servus online or mobile banking.

With two-step authentication you’ll:

  • Be better protected against any unauthorized access to your account(s) and/or theft of your personal information
  • No longer need to answer multiple questions to verify your identity when you call us

Learn more about the benefits of protecting your online accounts with two-step authentication.

Registering for two-step authentication is free and takes only five minutes — all you need is a smart device or a computer.

Turning two-step authentication on

  1. Download the Google Authenticator app to your computer or smart device
  2. Sign in to Servus online banking
  3. Choose "Two-step authentication" from the Quick Links in your Account summary screen
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the setup

Questions and answers

1. What is two-step authentication?

Two-step authentication (also referred to as two-factor authentication, two-step verification or multi-factor authentication) is a security process where users (like you) provide two different authentication factors to verify their identity.

2. How does two-step authentication protect me?

Two-step authentication adds an extra layer of security on top of the basic single-step method of just using your password. After activating two-step authentication, you may be prompted to confirm your identity using Google Authenticator when you perform certain types of transactions in the future, such as an Interac e-Transfers® with a higher limit. This extra step makes it harder for unauthorized users to misuse your account in the event your credentials are compromised.

3. Do I have to turn two-step authentication on?

Two-step authentication is currently optional, but strongly recommended for the highest level of online account protection. It will eventually be required.

4. Do I need to use two-step authentication to sign in to Servus online banking?

No, you don't have to use two-step authentication to sign in to online banking today. However, it will eventually be required to better protect you when performing certain types of transactions.

5. Do I need a smart device to register for two-step authentication?

No. Servus’s two-step authentication requires registration with the Google Authenticator application, which you can download and use on:

  • A smart device (phone or tablet)
  • A desktop or laptop computer with Windows 10 (or higher) operating system

6. What happens if I get locked out of my Servus online account?

Please call our Member Contact Centre at 1.877.378.8728. They will verify your identity and help you reset your password.

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