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Phony text messages

Beware of phony cell phone text messages. Customers of financial institutions, including Servus Credit Union, are now the target of a new scam – phony cell phone text messages.

Thieves send fake text messages to your cell phone asking you to contact a 1-800 number, where they ask you to provide them with personal information, such as account numbers, PIN numbers or passwords. Clever thieves will use the information provided to steal your money or your identity.

This hoax is a new variation on email phishing attacks, where thieves use emails or fake ads to lure you to a replica of a real company's website.

Servus Credit Union does not, and will not, send text messages or emails to members requesting personal information. Follow these steps to protect yourself:

  • Don’t respond to text messages on your cell phone asking you for personal information such as your account number, PIN or credit card number.
  • Don't disclose private information unless you initiated the need to do so.
  • If you are asked to share your personal information through an unsolicited and suspicious email, website or mail that claims to be from Servus Credit Union, please report it to us immediately by:
    • Visiting your branch
    • Calling us at 187SERVUSCU/1.877.378.8728
    • Completing our online form
  • Check your monthly statements and report any discrepancies immediately.

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