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Debit card skimming

Debit card skimming occurs when the information contained on your debit card is stolen and then counterfeited and used to obtain funds from your account without your authorization.

Card reading devices are used to obtain the electronic data from the magnetic stripe on your card, and hidden cameras or false personal identification number (PIN) pads are used to obtain your personal access code. For example:

  • At an ATM, a card reader is placed on the ATM itself, or the entrance door to the ATM. A hidden pinhole camera is used to capture your PIN.
  • At point-of-sale (POS) terminals, the merchant usually swipes your card in the legitimate POS terminal, and then swipes your card a second time in a card reading device. The three ways that your PIN can be obtained is by a video camera, someone watching you, or a false PIN pad.

Protect yourself by protecting your PIN

If you believe your card has been compromised, please report it to us immediately by:

  • Visiting your branch
  • Calling us at 187SERVUSCU/1.877.378.8728
  • Completing our online form

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