Chip technology

We provide you with the highest level of security for your credit and debit card transactions. The protection of chip technology is on our Servus Credit Union Mastercards® and Member Cards®.

A chip card has a microchip embedded in the card. It's like having a personal computer right on your card. It:

  • Authenticates your card
  • Verifies your personal identification number (PIN)
  • Stores information needed to complete transactions

The encrypted microchip is very difficult for unauthorized users to counterfeit, which makes the already safe payment system even safer and more secure.

Chip technology is already widely used throughout the world, but not everywhere. All of our credit and debit cards will still have a magnetic stripe on them to ensure that cards are accepted worldwide. The magnetic stripe remains a secure method of payment for use at terminals that are not chip-enabled.

Using a chip card - easy as 1-2-3!

Making a purchase with your chip credit or debit card is easy and secure:

  1. Insert your chip card "chip first" into the chip-reader on the terminal. Your chip card remains in the terminal during the entire transaction.
  2. Click OK on the purchase amount. Enter your PIN and wait for the transaction to be processed.
  3. Remove your chip card after your transaction is approved. With chip technology you don't have to sign a receipt when you make a purchase because you entered a PIN.

If you use your credit card at a retailer that does not have a chip-reading terminal, the magnetic stripe on your card will be swiped and you will sign the receipt as you have in the past. The process for using your chip credit or debit card at an ATM doesn’t change.

Remember to always protect your PIN any time you use your card.

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