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Servus Credit Union to launch fully-integrated digital account opening

thirdstream’s platform to power seamless digital acquisition for Servus member-owners

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Servus Credit Union, Alberta’s largest credit union, is pleased to announce that it has selected thirdstream, a leading fintech company headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, as its partner to launch end-to-end digital membership and account opening. The partnership between these two well-established players in Alberta’s financial services market will make it possible for people across the province to join or open a new account with Servus completely online from anywhere, with full security and 100% compliance to all banking regulations.

"It's exciting to have thirdstream's knowledge and experience right here in Alberta," says Gail Stepanik-Keber, Chief Brand, Digital Banking and Corporate Social Responsibility Office for Servus Credit Union. "We know our member-owners appreciate us investing in Alberta companies first, whenever we can. thirdstream also happens to be a Servus Credit Union member, so we're always excited to work with strong businesses that choose us as their financial institution."

Servus' digital membership and account opening platform will be powered by cumulus, an omni-channel solution developed by thirdstream. Highly regarded for its fast, user-friendly interface, cumulus is totally paperless with esignatures and account funding via Online Money Transfers. The brand-agnostic platform will be configured to Servus’ corporate guidelines and product/feature sets, giving member-owners a user experience that flows seamlessly with the credit union’s well-established brand.

Digital membership/account opening is just one of a number of digital services that Servus Credit Union is developing to help Albertans achieve their financial fitness goals. Whether it’s to spend, save, borrow or plan, Servus is dedicated to providing its member-owners with access to the best digital options for banking how they want, when they want and from the device of their choice. "We know we need to keep moving our digital capabilities forward to best serve our members," says Stepanik-Keber. "thirdstream's platform will be a significant part of our strategy to deliver innovative experiences that will help our new and existing members feel good about their money and all the ways they interact with it at Servus."

Christian Clapton, CEO of thirdstream says "We’re very happy to have been selected as the trusted partner for Servus’ digital member acquisition strategy. We see Servus as a leader among credit unions. A very forwardthinking FI, Servus is improving the life of its members and their communities across Alberta." The fintech firm is excited to see their technology working so close to home. "Being part of a mandate to build a better world and to empower Albertans to achieve financial resilience is very gratifying for our company. We look forward to this project and all that lies ahead for Servus, its growing membership and our great province of Alberta."

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