Estate administration

The executor of any estate has a great deal of responsibility. That’s why Servus Credit Union and our partners* provide access to estate administration services that help our members with their responsibilities as executors.

Executor Assistance Guide

Servus Credit Union can provide members with a copy of the Executor Assistance Guide to help guide them in their role as executor.

The guide:

  • Explains the stages of estate administration.
  • Provides contact information for government departments and other organizations that executors may need to fulfil their duties.
  • Provides a place to document important information about the deceased and the estate.

Download the Executor Assistance Guide

Agent for executor

If you need professional assistance to perform your administration duties as an executor, you may appoint an agent for executor to perform the role for you. Servus will connect you with its partner trust company to access this service.

Please note that as the executor, you are still responsible for the actions that your agents undertake. It is very important that you hire responsible, knowledgeable professionals to provide that assistance.

Learn more about estate administration

To find out more about our trust and estate services, please feel free to submit a request for information, or make an appointment at your local branch today.

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*Servus Credit Union trust services provided through Concentra Trust.

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