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Daily Banking accounts

Whether you run a small home-based business or a large company, we have a daily banking account perfect for your business.

Servus Credit Union’s business daily banking accounts are highly competitive with a generous amount of transactions for a reasonable monthly fee. You may choose to use a single account for all of your operating needs or establish multiple accounts to provide detailed records and reporting by location or purpose.

See our Daily Banking Account Comparison Chart for more information.

Compare Daily Banking Accounts

Account type Monthly fee Key benefits
Business Pay As You Go $6.00 pay as you go Apply
Business Plan 15 $10.00 15 transactions Apply
Business Plan 30 $20.00 30 transactions Apply
Business Plan 60 $39.00 60 transactions Apply
Business Plan 100 $65.00 100 transactions Apply
Business Plan 150 $85.00 150 transactions Apply
Business ePlan 60 $29.00 60 electronic transactions Apply

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