Condo Program

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Servus offers custom banking plans for both condominium corporations and property management companies. Our experts will meet with your board to understand your immediate and long-term financial needs and develop a plan that suits you.

Customize your plan

Build a daily banking plan with features and services to help you manage your finances your way, including:

  • Cash management solutions. CAFT (customer automated fund transfer) and Interac e-Transfer® allow you to collect condo fees with ease and transfer money with convenience.
  • Digital banking. View your account information in real-time, pay bills with a few clicks and use remote deposit capture to easily accept cheque payments.

Optimize your reserve funds

With a solid saving and investment plan you achieve your long-term financial goals. We can help with:

  • Special savings plans to earn more interest on your liquid funds
  • Flexible and fixed term GIC's to earn higher interest on your investable funds
  • A 100% deposit guarantee that protects your deposits and interest earned
  • Dedicated specialists who will manage your savings and investments to meet your financial goals

Share in our profits

At Servus you're more than a member, you're an owner! This means that unlike banks who pay profits to shareholders, we share our profits with you. Each year we profit, you'll receive a 25% rebate of your annual service fees back into your account, simply for being a member

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