Saving money doesn't come naturally to everyone – that's where automation can help. Automating your savings will turn those deposits into another monthly expense, helping you to prioritize your savings contributions. In turn, you'll also be:

  • Saving time
  • Contributing consistently
  • Paying down debt faster

We have tools to help you save money, budget better or invest regularly all with the convenience of automation.

Woman scrolling through her phone as money symbols appear around it.

Top-Up Savings lets you save as you spend by automatically transferring money to your savings account each time you make a purchase using your debit card. Choose to either round your purchases (save the spare change) or top-up with a fixed amount each time and grow your savings – no effort required.

MyGoals makes building a plan to reach your goals easy by letting you schedule deposits based on your budget or your desired achievement date. Real-time visualization of your savings progress will keep you motivated along the way.

Pre-authorized contributions (or PACs) work by making regularly scheduled transfers from your account into a savings account and you choose the frequency that works for you (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and schedule and the amount you want to contribute and then, voila! You can watch your savings grow all thanks to your PAC plan.

What you do with your savings is up to you. Save for a family vacation, purchase a new car, pay for education or simply save money in a cash account.

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