How much do you earn from the banking you do? This idea might sound crazy, but it's not — if you think outside the bank! Credit unions, like Servus, operate differently than traditional banks. See for yourself:

Profit Share infographic 2019 

One of the biggest differences is in ownership. Shareholders own banks, whereas every member of a credit union is a member-owner. After you consider the difference in ownership, what stands out is how we spend our profits. Banks pay their profits to shareholders, but credit unions share profits with members. When it comes to distributing profits, credit union members benefit the most!

Member economic participation is one of the seven cooperative principles that was foundational to the credit union movement. The concept is pretty simple — the more business you do with us, the more of our profits we'll share with you at the end of each year.

We call this Profit Share and it's made up of three parts, depending on the banking you do with Servus:

  • Patronage (based on the average balances you hold in loans and deposits)
  • Common share dividends (based on how many common shares you own)
  • Investment share dividends (based on the investments you hold)

As a Servus member, you earn profit share on nearly every banking product you hold. From a mortgage or car loan, to retirement investments – even the deposits you make into a chequing or savings account. Our Profit Share calculator shows you just how much you could earn based on any eligible product. And the more you bank with Servus, the more you earn each December.

This year, we're sharing $54 million in profits with our members!

Profit Share Infographic for 2021. A pie chart showing the distribution of a total of $54.6 million Profit Share in 2021: $36.1 million for Profit Share Rewards cash. $4.1 million for investment share dividends. $14.3 million for common share dividends.

If you're already a member, find out how to maximize your Profit Share Rewards Cash.

If you're not a member — what are you waiting for? Become a member and start earning your share today!

® Profit Share is a trademark of Servus Credit Union Ltd.

Originally posted on December 3, 2018.