If you're planning a move this summer, take some time to get organized. A well-organized move can go a long way to cut down on stress and improve the moving experience. Here's a checklist to help you. 

Six to eight weeks before you move

  • Make moving arrangements with a moving company or moving truck rental company 
  • Draw out a floor plan of your new home to decide where your belongings will go
  • Get packing supplies (tape, boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, markers etc.)
  • Clean out your closets, basement, shed and garage
  • Advise the post office of your new address and moving date
  • Send change of address notices to:
    • Phone company
    • Insurance company — Arrange to transfer your household insurance to your new property
    • Financial Institution and credit card companies
    • Utility and cable/satellite providers — Make arrangements to start services on the date of your arrival at your new home

Two to four weeks before you move 

  • Cancel or transfer newspaper, magazines and other home deliveries
  • Reserve an elevator with your building superintendent if you’re moving from a condo or apartment building

Two to three days before you move

Illustration of moving boxes filled with household items like lamps, plants, books, and toys, spilling out and stacked together.

Complete all packing and: 

  • Label boxes with the room they will go in
  • Place all important documents in a "Safe Box" that you will transport personally
  • Prepare an "Open First" box with the basic necessities for your first night
  • Label all keys for the new occupants
  • Conduct an initial visit to your new home to verify everything’s okay

Moving Day

For your old home:

  • Check all rooms and closets to make sure nothing has been left behind
  • Ensure that all electrical devices are unplugged and the thermostat is turned down
  • Turn off the toilet and hot water tank (if accessible)
  • Leave labeled keys with the landlord, lawyer or real estate agent

For your new home:

  • Check that you have keys to all the locks in your new home
  • Make sure that all utilities are working properly in your new home
  • Provide movers with the floor plan
  • Check the condition of each box or household item as it is unloaded and make note of any damages

After you move

  • Change your address on your driver’s licence, for your car insurance and with your employer

Download a printable pdf checklist


Originally posted on June 5, 2018.