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Profit Share® program


Profit Share® Rewards cash

Unlike your bank when we make a profit so do you. You could get a little or a lot. The more business you do with us, the more Profit Share Rewards cash we share with you.

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Profit Share® Rewards Calculator

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GIC Investments
Daily banking & savings accounts

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Profit Share program

Patronage (Profit Share® Rewards cash)

Personal banking members get cash back based on the average balances you hold in your Servus loans and deposits*. Patronage is paid differently on different types of accounts and broker mortgages.

Agriculture and commercial accounts get a rebate on service charges rather than on the average balances you hold.

Common share dividends

We pay common share dividends as additional common shares. This means you get more shares based on how many shares you already have.

Investment share dividends

We pay investment share dividends as additional shares that you can redeem in cash, which is directly deposited into your accounts, registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) or registered retirement investment funds (RRIFs).

Earn Profit Share Rewards cash on your…

Daily banking

Earn cash each year on the average balances held in daily banking and savings accounts.


Borrow $30,000 and earn $50 back at the end of the year.


Earn as much as $500 annually on a mortgage valued at $300,000.

Servus Mastercard® credit cards

Earn 25% of your annual primary card fees back in Rewards cash each year.


Total investments of $100,000 could earn you $200 every year.

Wealth management

Wealth members with Credential® accounts earn bonus Rewards cash on their deposit balances.

Who wouldn’t want cash back?

I have benefited personally from the gift Servus Credit Union gives back through profit sharing for the last several years, but I really noticed how much Profit Share I got back when my husband and I purchased our first home and got our mortgage with Servus.

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*This calculator is for informational and illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Your total Profit Share Rewards amount may vary. The calculation is dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the data you enter and is not guaranteed. Patronage is paid differently on different types of accounts and broker mortgages. Individual circumstances may differ; a representative from Servus Credit Union can help you determine your eligibility for Profit Share Rewards and how to enhance your Profit Share Rewards payment.
All product bonuses are assumed to be paid on individual holdings and paid into individual accounts. Credit card bonuses may be paid as a statement credit and some Servus GIC bonuses may be paid into your Aviso account. Investments at Servus Credit Union include GICs and term deposits in both registered and non-registered accounts and Servus GICs sold by Servus Wealth Strategies. Other investments available through Servus Wealth Strategies are not eligible for Profit Share Rewards at this time. Profit Share Rewards figures shown in this calculator are based on the 2021 Servus Credit Union Profit Share Program model as approved by the Board of Directors for Servus.

**Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Credential Securities, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. Credential Securities is a registered mark owned by Aviso Wealth Inc.

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