Financial Literacy

Do you have a household budget? Do you know what affects your credit score, or what debt is actually good for you? Do you have a financial plan in the case of unexpected life emergencies?

These are all great questions to ask when you’re exploring your own financial literacy. What is financial literacy? It is defined as skills and knowledge that allow you to make informed and effective financial decisions. November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada and we at Servus want to help you grow your knowledge and understand of personal finance so you can enjoy today and the future.

Credit & Debt Saving & Spending Life Events
Whether it's to go to school, buy a home or top up your investments, sometimes it makes sense to borrow the money. Saving money can be challenging. It can be difficult to set realistic goals and keep your spending under control. Your path in life will have twists and turns, and with a little planning you can be ready to face the financial changes.
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The 5 C’s of Credit Keeping your money resolutions Managing unemployment
Create a debt reduction strategy Home budget planner Coping with a divorce
What to ask before acquiring new debt Keeping money resolutions Why do I need a will?
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