CSR Governance

The following is our CSR commitment:

Our co-operative, member-focused financial services foster resilient and prosperous communities.

Our five long-term goals that will help us reach our commitment are as follows:

  1. Governance: Our approach to embedding our CSR commitments from board to branch enhances our social, environmental, economic and co-operative performance, is valued by stakeholders and positions us as a CSR governance role model in Canada.
  2. Employees: Our CSR commitments and actions are valued as part of the employee experience and help to attract and engage employees.
  3. Members: Our members value our CSR approach, our co-operative nature and our role as financial stewards and are engaged with us in building a better world.
  4. Community: Our communities are more inclusive and resilient and are supported by a strong co-operative sector.
  5. Environment: Our environmental impacts are significantly reduced.

Further, the Board of Directors also approved a CSR Policy, which contains nine principles that guide our daily decisions. These principles include the following:

Financial stewardship

We are responsible and effective stewards of our members’ financial assets. We manage risk and opportunity to balance the long-term economic, social and environmental interests of our stakeholders in ways that enhance business value.

Business ethics

We foster, model and promote stringent standards of honesty, integrity and fairness in every part of our business.

Member service

We are courteous, caring and respectful and give our members trusted, quality advice about their financial needs to help them achieve their financial and quality of life goals.

Employee well-being

We provide a safe, healthy and enriching work environment for employees. We treat one another with dignity and respect. We value our similarities and differences and embrace the variety of thought, perspective and background of our employees.

Environmental management

We reduce the negative impacts of our operations and continually evaluate and apply ways to protect, enhance and steward the environment in the areas we affect.

Community capacity

Through our people, products, services, activities and community programs, we partner with others and nurture our relationships to build local capacity and foster community inclusion.

Being a Co-operative

Our co-operative nature infuses our work and generates benefits for our business, members and society. We celebrate our co-operative heritage and employ the co-operative approach in our various communities.

Stakeholder engagement

We value and respect our diverse stakeholders and foster open, honest and respectful relationships by engaging them in a meaningful way to help us improve our CSR performance. We influence our suppliers, contractors, and business and community partners in meeting our CSR principles and furthering their own CSR goals.

Transparent accountability

We are accountable for our impacts on society, the economy and the environment. We continually work to improve our financial and non-financial performance and report on our progress regularly.

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