Guaranteed investments are just that – guaranteed.

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When you invest in a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) your money is guaranteed to grow and it’s secure so you can feel good about your investment. GICs come in a wide range of interest rates, terms and options to fit your unique investment needs.

Servus GICs are risk-free investments that can help you create a balanced portfolio. Most GICs:

  • Pay a set rate of return
  • Have a variety of terms and rates to choose from
  • Can be bought on their own or as part of a registered plan
  • Have a low minimum investment amount
  • Are protected by our 100% deposit guarantee

And at Servus, your GIC is included in our Profit Share program so you can earn even more.

It’s time to feel good about your money.
Get expert GIC advice from one of our financial advisors.

Compare our different GICs

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Redeemable GICs

These GICs are super flexible. Their details can be different, but generally the idea is you're able to take your money out of the GIC before the term is up.

Business 90 Day T-Bill

For our business members only, the T-Bill offers a convenient term and flexibility at a great rate.

Non-redeemable GICs

These fixed-term GICs are our best rates. Your money stays locked in for the term, but you can choose from 30 days to 5 years.

Start investing online

Many of our GICs can be purchased through online banking. Ready to get started?

  1. Sign in to online banking
  2. Navigate to the Products area of the My Servus tab
  3. Choose the Investing tab and then the GIC you'd like to add (remember you can choose a registered or non-registered option for most GICs)

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