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Daily banking accounts 

IMPORTANT: Some of our banking plan features and fees are changing on July 1, 2017. Please refer to the Notice of Banking Plan and Fee Changes for details.

You don't bank the same way everyone else does so your account should meet your style. Whether you do a lot of day-to-day banking or very little, we have an account plan suited to your banking style. Choose from unlimited transaction accounts, e-banking plans or something in between.

See our Daily Banking Account Comparison ChartServus chequing account comparison chart pdf for more information.

Compare daily banking accounts

Account typeMonthly feeKey benefits
Personal Plan 30$9.9530 transactionsApply
Personal ePlan 60$10.9560 transactionsApply
Personal Unlimited Plan$13.95unlimited transactionsApply
Personal Premium Unlimited Plan$25.00unlimited transactionsApply
Pay as you go$0.00pay as you goApply
Personal Plan 60$11.9560 transactionsApply
17 - 25 Be Free Daily Banking Plan$0.00no monthly feeApply
Youth Plan 60$0.00learn about bankingApply
Senior Unlimited$0.00100 free chequesApply