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Get a mortgage that’s designed for you 

You might be at a stage in your life where you have some big news to share. Or, you might be at a stage where you’re getting ready for things to quiet down a little so you can focus on you.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, we have a Life Stage mortgage that comes with a few extras to make your life more comfortable. Extras like a 1% life stage rebate, annual profit sharing and services tailored just for you and your needs.


*The total value of the rate and Life Stage rebate are equal to a yield of 2.74% over the 5 year term. 5 Year Fixed Rate Closed Mortgage. Rate subject to change.

Choose your life stage below to learn more.

The Wanderlust stage

Explore far-off places with 1% cash back on your mortgage and a share of our profits.

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The Family-fun-time stage

Get a 1% rebate and a share of the profits to re-invest in your family.


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The Keep-in-touch stage

Get a little closer to the ones you love.

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The Help-your-community stage

Get a competitive rate and a chance to help others.

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The Follow-your-dreams stage

Own your own business with 1% cash back and a share of the profits.

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The Fresh-start stage

Get a fresh start, a competitive rate, a 1% rebate and a share of the profits.

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The Let’s-downsize stage

Now it's your time. Do what you love while getting a competitive rate and a 1% rebate.

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The Encore stage

Get back out there and do what you love with a 1% rebate and a share of the profits.

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The Get-your-own-place stage

Buying your first home? Great! We have a mortgage designed for that.

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The Put-a-ring-on-it stage

After you've said yes, you might be thinking "Where will we live?"

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The Baby-on-the-way stage

Expecting a baby and hunting for a new house? Our life stage mortgage can help.

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The Lots-on-the-go stage

Get a 1% rebate and a share of our profits while getting a new home.


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