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Take advantage of everyday opportunities 

Vanessa Elliot

Team Lead, Operation Support
Red Deer

For Vanessa Elliot giving back to the community is about those everyday opportunities – opportunities that don’t take a lot of time to follow up but make an enormous difference in someone’s life. Give someone a pair of mittens on a cold day. Make some meals for someone who is ill. Collect household items for a family that finds themselves without a home.

For 25 years Vanessa has been helping people in need and volunteering in her community. It’s a value she was taught by her mother and is passing on to her children.

“It’s not about a specific charity – just that there is charity,” says Vanessa. “I can’t see someone in need and do nothing.”

In addition to everyday acts of kindness, Vanessa participates in organized initiatives, such as the United Way campaign, and her family sponsors a child in Sri Lanka.

When looking for a job, Vanessa felt the credit union was a company she wanted to work for, and she appreciates the support she receives at work for her charitable activities. “Servus is an amazing company to work for and we have such wonderful staff. We all have causes we believe in and contribute to, and it’s nice to work for an organization that is so supportive.”