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Helping at home and abroad

Jordan Petersen
Member Service Advisor
Stony Plain

Jordan Petersen has always felt a need to help others, and it seems young people hold a special place in her heart. She volunteers with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and she’s very active in the Stony Plain branch’s fundraising activities.

Her passion for volunteering is actually one of the main reasons she wanted to work at Servus. “Servus is so incredibly supportive of people who want to volunteer. They don’t push it on anyone, but they do let you know they’ll back you up.”

Jordan experienced this support firsthand when she had an opportunity to spend two months working with orphans in South Africa. Servus gave her a leave of absence, holding her job for her so she could take advantage of the opportunity. Members knew she was going and would ask her about the trip, and Jordan’s colleagues were excited for her.

“It was a life changing experience,” says Jordan. “These kids have nothing...not even love and affection. And they’re so grateful for even the smallest things. I came back more determined than ever to do what I could for people who needed help in our community.”

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