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  • What is INTERAC Flash® and how does it work?

    INTERAC Flash is a contactless payment option available on Servus Credit Union MEMBER CARD® debit cards. It’s an easy and safe way to pay for small everyday purchases. Just tap or hold your card on a reader that supports INTERAC Flash and you’ve paid; there’s no need to insert or swipe your card, or enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

    INTERAC Flash video (YouTube)

  • Is it secure?

    Yes, INTERAC Flash uses secure chip processing technology to protect against skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pick-pocketing. Plus, INTERAC® Zero Liability protects you if your card is ever lost or stolen.

  • How do I activate INTERAC Flash?

    The technology is ready to go when you get your card. All you have to do is make one purchase using the chip and your PIN. After that, you can make INTERAC Flash transactions.

  • Where can I use INTERAC Flash?

    More and more merchants are offering INTERAC Flash every day. A complete list is available on interac.ca.

  • Are there any limits on INTERAC Flash transactions?

    Servus hasn’t set limits on the transactions you can make using your MEMBER CARD debit card with INTERAC Flash technology. Individual merchants may have limits and INTERAC has a per-transaction limit of $100.

    When you reach a cumulative total of $200 in INTERAC Flash transactions you will need to insert your card into the chip reader and use your PIN to complete your next transaction. This helps protect you against significant losses should your card ever be lost or stolen. After you complete one chip and PIN transaction, you can start making INTERAC Flash transactions again.

  • Are there extra fees for INTERAC Flash transactions?

    No. Servus processes INTERAC Flash transactions the same way as regular debit transactions. Foreign currency transaction fees apply the same as they do to debit transactions. Read through your Member Card and PIN Agreement for complete details.

  • How do I make an INTERAC Flash transaction?

    When you’re ready to pay for your purchase simply hold or tap your INTERAC Flash-enabled MEMBER CARD debit card up to the card reader. When you hear a beep or see an “approved” message on the terminal, your transaction is complete!

  • Can I unintentionally buy something if I'm too close to a terminal?

    No. You need to hold your card within 4cm and at a very specific angle before a merchant’s card reader can read it. An INTERAC Flash enabled card can’t be read through a pocket, purse or wallet.

  • Which account will my INTERAC Flash transactions be debited from?

    If you can access more than one account with your MEMBER CARD debit card, INTERAC Flash transactions will be debited from your primary account. If there are no funds in that account, the transaction will be declined. You will have to complete the transaction using the chip and your PIN to choose another account. If you don’t know which is your primary account or want to change your primary account, please call us at 1.877.378.8728.

  • How can I track my INTERAC Flash transactions? Will I get a receipt?

    You can get a receipt from merchants for INTERAC Flash transactions, just like for any other type of transaction. Your INTERAC Flash transactions will also be itemized on your account statement and on online banking.

  • Am I protected if my card is stolen?

    If your MEMBER CARD debit card is ever lost or stolen, call Servus right away. We'll cancel your card to minimize any unauthorized transactions. The INTERAC Zero Liability Policy also protects you from unauthorized transactions should you ever lose or have your card stolen.

  • Do I have to use the INTERAC Flash to make a purchase?

    No, INTERAC Flash is an optional enhancement Servus is making available for your convenience. You can keep using the magnetic stripe and/or chip and PIN if you prefer.

  • How can I get a new Member Card® with INTERAC Flash technology?

    All Servus members should have received a new MEMBER CARD debit card with INTERAC Flash technology by the end of September 2015. If you haven’t received yours, please call us at 1.877.378.8728 or visit your branch.

    Your INTERAC Flash-enabled MEMBER CARD debit card replaces your existing card. Please destroy your old card safely as soon as you get your new card.

  • Can I change my PIN?

    Yes, you can change your PIN just like you’ve always done, at any Servus Credit Union ATM or branch.

  • Need more information?

    - Check out the list of INTERAC Flash-enabled merchants.

    - Learn about INTERAC Zero Liability policy

    - Get more information from the INTERAC FAQ

    - Review the MEMBER CARD and PIN Agreement that came with your new card.

If your card is ever lost or stolen, please call us at 1.877.378.8728.

® MEMBER CARD is a registered certification mark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

® INTERAC and INTERAC FLASH are registered trademarks of Interac Inc., used under license.

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