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Changes to your Servus Mastercard® account

Signing in to your Servus Mastercard® account

The best way to see your personal Servus Mastercard account is to sign in through online banking. Sign in to see your banking, Servus Mastercard and Servus Circle RewardsTM information in one place.

If you have a Business Mastercard or do not have online banking, sign in to your Servus Mastercard account on the Mastercard site.

Please note: Once you sign in through online banking, you can’t sign in through the Mastercard site directly.

Already have a Mastercard?

If you already have a Servus-branded Mastercard issued by CUETS Financial, you may be wondering about our new Servus Mastercard® Credit Cards?

Servus is launching a new Mastercard credit card product suite to make it easier than ever to handle your credit needs. To better serve our members, Servus will now be directly issuing and managing our own card products.

This means we will be transferring your account balances from CUETS Financial (the current credit card provider) over to us in March. This change allows Servus to better tailor our credit products to you in the future.

Next spring your Mastercard will be transitioned from CUETS Financial (the entity that issues* and manages your account now) over to Servus Credit Union. This is good for you because you’ll be able to work directly with us, your credit union, for your credit and borrowing needs. This is good for us because we get to be a better and closer partner with you on your financial journey.

The transition is still a few months away, but there’s some information you need to know now.

Servus has you covered.

  • You’ll receive a new Servus Mastercard Credit Card automatically in March 2018. This new card will replace your current card and it will have features and benefits that best match what you have today.
  • If you earn CHOICE REWARDS® or Platinum Class points, your unredeemed points will be automatically transferred to the new Servus Circle RewardsTM program at transition. Don’t worry—you won’t lose your points and you’ll continue to earn points on all eligible purchases until the transition.
  • You’ll enjoy easy access to account information — including sign in and managing your Mastercard account and rewards.

There is nothing for you to do right now

Simply continue using your current card and make payments as always. Nothing is changing until March 2018. We’ll be telling you more about your new card in the months ahead, but if you have any immediate questions, call us at 1.877.378.8728.

We’ve also answered some common questions:

General information

How do I know if I have a CUETS Financial Mastercard® or a Servus Mastercard?

Check the back or your card. It will say whether it is CUETS Financial or Servus. If you applied for your Mastercard credit card before October 14, 2017, you have a CUETS Financial Mastercard credit card. If you applied after that date, then you have a Servus Mastercard Credit Card.

Will I need to apply for a new card in March?

No. Your balances and any reward points will be transferred to your new account.

Should I just apply for a new Servus Mastercard now?

There is no need—you should receive your new Mastercard in March. If you apply for a new card before March, it will be treated as a new application and you’ll need to qualify based on your current financial situation. Your Servus Circle RewardsTM balance will start at zero.

If you choose to keep your CUETS Financial credit card, you will receive another new Servus Mastercard in March and your CHOICE REWARDS® points will transfer to this card.

If you choose to close your CUETS Financial credit card, you will need to redeem your CHOICE REWARDS (if you have them) within 120 days of the closure date because we won’t be able to transfer your points to the Circle Rewards program before your card is scheduled to be replaced.

Remember, you don’t need to do anything now—you should receive your new Servus Mastercard in March.

Does this change how I make my payments?

You should continue to make your payments as usual. Nothing changes right now.

Who should I call if I have questions about my current card?

If you have questions about your balance or recent transactions on your current account, call the number on the back of your card as you normally would.

Card activation

When will I receive my new Servus Mastercard® Credit Card?

You’ll receive your new card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in early March 2018.

When should I activate my new Servus Mastercard?

You need to wait until March 25, 2018 at 3am (MT). Continue to use your CUETS Financial Mastercard until then.

Can I keep using my current card after March 25?

No. Your current card will stop working at 10pm (MT) on March 25. You should activate your new Servus Mastercard on that date.

Why can’t I activate my new Servus Mastercard when I get it?

We will be transferring your account, balances and rewards to the new card. This transfer date is March 25, 2018. To do this, we can’t have your account open in two different card systems.


What is the difference between the Servus Circle RewardsTM and CHOICE REWARDS® programs?

Very little. Points will be earned in the same way. Both programs offer merchandise, travel and cash back rewards. Differences:

  • Some brands or merchandise may be different in the reward catalogues.
  • You will be able to see your Circle Rewards information when you sign in to your Servus Mastercard account.

I was thinking of changing to a card that offers rewards. What if I want to change the type of card I have right now?

Call the phone number on the back of your card to talk to someone who can help you select the right card.

Will Circle Rewards offer the same merchandise as CHOICE REWARDS?

Circle Rewards will offer similar merchandise but product selection may not be exactly the same. If you have your heart set on a specific product that is available in the CHOICE REWARDS catalogue, you should redeem your points before they are moved to Circle Rewards.

Should I redeem my CHOICE REWARDS points before March?

That depends on what you are saving your points for. Some brands or merchandise may be different in the rewards catalogues. For example, perhaps you want the specific brand of coffee maker that is in the CHOICE REWARDS catalogue. Circle Rewards may or may not offer that brand in its catalogue.

However, if you are saving for a trip, you don’t need to worry. Your CHOICE REWARDS points will transfer to Circle Rewards and you’ll still have the same number of points to use toward your travel.

Is there a deadline for redeeming my CHOICE REWARDS points?

Yes. The last day to redeem CHOICE REWARDS points is March 18, 2018. After this date, any points you have left in your account will be transferred to and honored under the Circle Rewards program.

Features and benefits

Will the features and benefits on my card be the same as I have now?

You will receive a card with features and benefits that best match your card today. After you receive your new card, if your needs change, we would be happy to help you choose the card that will work best for you.

I will be travelling in March 2018. How does this change affect my Travel Medical Insurance?

If your current card comes with Travel Medical Insurance, please be aware that on March 25, 2018, Travel Medical Insurance coverage provided by TD Life Insurance Company will end.

If you're travelling, and require Emergency Medical Care/Treatment on or before that date, please call Allianz Global Assistance at 1-519-742-9356 available collect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your trip extends beyond this date, please consider arranging for appropriate coverage.

Will I be able to see my Servus Mastercard account online?

Yes. The best way to see your personal Servus Mastercard account is to sign in through online banking. You’ll be able to see your banking, Servus Mastercard and Circle Rewards information in one place.

If you have a Business Mastercard or do not have online banking, you’ll be able to sign in to your Servus Mastercard account on the Mastercard site.

What happens to recurring payments made on my credit card?

After 10pm (MT) on March 25, 2018, no further transactions can be made on your CUETS Financial Mastercard. If you have payments automatically going through your credit card near that date, you may want to make a different payment arrangement for that month. Once you activate your new Servus Mastercard, you need to contact merchants directly to update your card information. This is similar to what you must do when you receive a replacement card with a new expiry date.

My credit card bill payment is made automatically each month. Will that change?

Yes, you will need to set up payments with your new card information.

®/™ Servus Credit Union, Servus, Circle Rewards, the Servus Circle and all associated logos are the intellectual property of Servus Credit Union.
® Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated and is used under licence.
*CUETS Financial is a division of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. The Toronto-Dominion Bank is the issuer of this credit card. All trade-marks are the property of their respective owners.
® CUETS is a registered trade-mark owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license. ® CHOICE REWARDS is a trade-mark of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

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