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Sponsorships and donations

Servus believes strongly that our branches are in the best position to decide how to support their local communities.

In 2016, 60% of our community investment budget was distributed among our branches to support community initiatives across Alberta. That’s the best part - local decision making.

We’ve also asked you, our members, where you would like to see our community support dollars go. We took your feedback and used it to develop our areas of focus.

Areas of focus

If you think your organization would be a good fit for Servus Credit Union, submit an application. For your request to be considered, your mandate should fall within one of our priority areas.

They include:

Children and youth: Programs and organizations that enhance the quality of life for youth
Education: Programs that support the education of youths and adults
Social services and poverty: Programs and agencies that provide a necessary service and have a genuine need for support
Local community initiatives and events: Local events that define our towns, cities and regions and celebrate their history and culture


A program or event may be eligible for Community Investment funding if it meets the following criteria:

  • It takes place in one or more communities served by Servus
  • It's organized by members of that community
  • It's supported by individuals and businesses in that community
  • It's objectives align with one of the 2014 Community Investment Areas of Focus
  • It's not excluded by any of the ineligible criteria listed below.

Eligibility does not guarantee support. It is only the first step in determining the value and opportunity of a program or event. The following are not eligible for Community Investment funding:

  • For profit organizations
  • Advocacy or lobbying organizations
  • Contingency funds or deficit campaigns
  • Generic, mass mailing solicitations
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or lifestyle
  • Support for individuals, including individuals fundraising independently for a charity (third-party fundraising) or collecting pledges for a charity organized fundraiser
  • Events and programs occurring outside of Alberta, even if Albertans are involved in organizing and participating
  • Unregistered organizations or businesses

Application process and form

The application process is easy. If your request falls into one of our areas of focus and meets the eligibility criteria, simply complete the online form and submit.

Your application will be reviewed and we will let you know if it is accepted for funding.

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